Based on the edge of Serra de Sintra, Ideal Jardins dedicates its activity to the construction and maintenance of gardens since 1998, when it opened its doors to the market. Running projects initially in Lisbon area and guided by values such as commitment, honesty and results orientation has managed to establish a relationship of trust with its customers.

The results obtained and a growing portfolio of loyal customers, enabled Ideal Jardins to maintain its number of employees between 60 and 65 and revenues between three to four million euros. This stability triggered a growing commitment to invest in human resources, machinery and technological renewal, materializing a multidisciplinar and humble team with the ability to learn, in a demanding environment. Ideal Jardins offers its clients a service increasingly faster and more effective, supported in innovative and sustainable solutions, both from an economic and environmental point of view.

From the garden with 50m2 to urban parks with several acres, Ideal Jardins makes a difference and adds value in the construction and maintenance of gardens contributing thus to increase the quality of life of the surrounding community.

Ideal Jardins counts today with nearly 20 years of experience and holds a vast and diversified portfolio, in order to do more and better. We want to be a reference of excellence in the market, working at national level. Ideal Jardins aspires to be one step ahead on a path guided by transparency, sharing and commitment to innovation, and always looking for the most appropriate response to the demands and emerging challenges.

Mission, Vision and Values




Provide our customers with green spaces by building and maintaining gardens, implementing functional, effective and economic solutions in order to provide comfort and well-being while interacting with nature.



Being a reference in the market of building and maintaining gardens, at national level, creating a trust regarding the quality of services and customer proximity.



Commitment, Innovation, Honesty and Transparency, , Results Orientation, Responsibility, Sustentabilidade, Team Spirit.

Innovation and Sustainability


Underground irrigation


Ideal Jardins strives to present economic and functional solutions to their clients. One such solution is based on the use of an underground drop-by-drop system in order to provide convenience to their clients in addition to water consumption savings.

The advantages of a drop-by-drop system are:

  • Allows the client to reduce water consumption;
  • Avoids losses caused by the wind and the effect of evaporation since water is applied directly from the roots;
  • It gives the client the possibility to use its lawn at any time of day as the watering can be performed at any time of day.


Organic Mulch


The environment and sustainability is crucial to Ideal Jardins. The company developed a new project to recycle vegetal material where the entire plant material from a garden or grounds, pruning and / or clearing is recycled.

This recycling is possible only through a significant investment made in an apparatus capable of grinding approximately 20 tons / hour, allowing the sale of the produced mulch.

Some of the advantages of mulch produced by this equipment are:

  • It improves the aesthetic and landscape aspect of the garden, coating the area under cultivation;
  • Saves the temperature and soil moisture, increasing its fertility and productivity;
  • Encourages the fastest growing plants.


Ideal Jardins is enabled and licensed to implement the most diverse projects. Read pdf online.



PME Leader status is a seal of reputed companies, created by IAPMEI to distinguish the merits of domestic small and médium businesses with superior performance, and is awarded in partnership with Turismo de Portugal and a set of the Partners  Banks, based on the best ratings (economic and financial indicators). Read pdf online.

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