Gardens Design


The design of gardens is the seed, the early stage of the entire gardens building process. Ideal Jardins features a team of technicians with experience gained over more than fifteen years to give life to numerous projects and sensitized to find solutions that suit the needs of its customers. The garden design is meant to be feasible in the subsequent implementation phase.

Gardens Construction


Gardens construction is the stage in which we are witnessing the project flowering. Ideal Jardins is authorized and accredited to develop and implement the most diverse projects in this area. Whether outdoor gardens or indoor gardens, urban gardens or vertical gardens, from gardens with 50m2 to urban parks with several acres. A committed and multidisciplinary team performs all services necessary for the effective implementation of all kinds of garden.

Gardens Maintenance


Gardens maintenance is essential for the longevity of green spaces and understood as a follow-up phase. Maintenance services, adapted to the characteristics of the various types of garden and customers, are to perpetuate in time high quality standards. Ideal Jardins offers a team of technicians and expert gardeners in identifying the procedures to adopt in order to keep the garden in perfect conditions, thus avoiding unnecessary losses and costs.


Outer Gardens

Gardens for villas, condominiums, businesses, hotels and shopping centers.

Urban Gardens

Urban gardens are plots of land allocated preferentially to the practice of urban agriculture. Urban gardens can still take other classifications depending on their more frequent use. They are called by social gardens as those exploited by people and families who have few resources; by the recreational gardens as those designed primarily for recreational purposes; and educational gardens as those for environmental education.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are modular plantations for both indoor and outdoor spaces, with several layers arranged vertically. Designed in various sizes, vertical gardens can be adapted to various spatial and aesthetic contexts and considered an excellent solution for those who want to enjoy indoor gardens. The vertical design saves space and water. With a proper irrigation system, vertical gardens route the water used in the upper layers to the lower ones.


Playgrounds are outdoor areas primarily designed for recreation of children. The playgrounds are equipped with devices and structures used for children to play. All safety standards are observed in order to provide the community leisure time.

Urban Parks

Urban parks are urban, public and outdoor spaces, where vegetation predominates and, in general, are buildings free. They are designed for various purposes, primarily recreational, ranging from outdoors practice sports to educational and cultural activities. They have in common the fact that provide urban dwellers higher quality of life through an open and recreational space.


Ideal Jardins is able to act at national level in any intervention in the area of infrastructure, earthworks, retaining walls, gardening, streets and buildings.

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